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It is very important to not only choose a builder with experience, knowledge, and the ability to last through bad housing markets, but also someone that you can work with for the next few months of your life.   

It is Ben Fields philosophy that during the construction of your new home, your builder will need to know you and your family like he was a part of it. There is a fine line that must be kept to keep the relationship professional, but ask one of your friends that has built a TRUE Custom Home, and many will tell you that they had their home builder on speed dial right below their spouse during construction. As the home is built, it develops with the client's vision.  Walls may move, new ideas will present themselves, etc, and you need someone that you can trust to help you mold your dreams into reality.

Fields Custom Homes, Incorporated


Since 2001

Owner: Ben Fields

(214) 274-6267


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Fields  Custom Homes

In the past few years, Fields Custom Homes has designed and built some of the highest quality homes in the area. Never re-using a floor plan, and using only the top rated construction materials, it’s no surprise that the Fields Custom Homes is among the top builders in Dallas. The Fields’ homes have been recognized and awarded in a multitude of ways, some of the more recent being D Magazine’s Home of the Year, the Home Builder’s Association’s Parade of Homes, Building Savvy Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, and The Waco Citizen.

The cornerstone of Fields Custom Homes is its founder, Ken Fields. With over thirty years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry, Ken’s unmatched knowledge is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Ken established his first company in 1983 as strictly an architectural firm. Seeing his potential, El Chico Corporation became Ken’s first major commercial client. Unknown to anybody at that time, this would lead to a multi-generational company that would accomplish more than Ken had ever dreamed.

At about the age of 5, Ben Fields and his father Ken walked onto an El Chico Restaurant job site in McKinney. Frustrated that the wall finish the client had chosen was not being done right, Ken took a palm sander from a worker and said, “Look it’s so simple that my five year old son could do it.” To prove his point, he gave the electric sander to Ben and told him what to do. Ben, having never used a power tool before, made his father proud. Ben continued following his father to job sites over the next few years, gaining not only working knowledge of more tools, but a love for construction.

Ben grew up, gaining many accomplishments along the way. Rushing to success, he generally did things earlier than most.  From being a very young Eagle Scout, joining the US Army Reserves at 17, Ben has been quick to prove himself capable of anything that he sets his mind to.  One of his most notable accomplishments was graduating at the top of his class from the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School at age 20, and being the youngest Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army during that time. Ben spent the first two years of his official construction history managing his father’s architectural firm. Designing homes and buildings with his father, Ben excelled at CAD but gained more interest in the physical construction of the buildings. With so much construction experience behind him, and his unwavering ambition, Ken offered to help Ben get his feet wet by building a couple of luxury spec homes. The homes sold quickly and the Fields had such success building, that they downsized Ken Fields Design Inc. and established Fields Custom Homes.

Since then, Fields Custom Homes has designed and built a multitude of new luxury homes from 4,000 ft to 12,000+ ft. They have also taken on remodeling projects that range from the small, room make-over jobs, to the large, which has included adding over 5,000 sq. ft to an existing home while being lived in. The Fields took their experience a step further by adding pools to their expertise. They have remodeled and built many new pools in the area, while saving their clients thousands of dollars from the big named pool companies. There is no doubt that Fields Custom Homes is among the top builders in the area. Their completed work and reputation is a testament to the fact that they will be around for many years to come.